If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. From improving eating habits to including exercise in daily routines, people worldwide have started giving priority to fitness.

However, wanting to stay fit and actually being fit are two very different things. While everyone wants to stay fit, only a handful of people can follow a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. Going to the gym religiously is another level of fitness that requires commitment and discipline.

Like any other traditional sector, even the fitness industry has been experiencing a radical shift with the Internet’s inclusion.

The traditional landscape

Internet-based applications, especially mobile applications, have become an integral part of modern society. From tasks such as calling, calculation, random online search, gaming, staying connected, to even tracking one’s sleeping schedule or calories, the larger part of the day for every human being is spent on these applications.

When it comes to health and fitness, there is a plethora of Internet and mobile applications. Whether it is an application for online training, an application to track calorie intake, an application to track the number of steps a person has walked, or even an application to monitor water intake; the synergy between the fitness industry and the Internet has become more prominent than one can imagine.

But every coin has two sides. While these applications carry significant value, they have some considerable drawbacks as well. The most prominent drawback is the lack of data privacy. These centralized applications expose the personal data of a user to third-party applications.

Furthermore, the credibility of services available on such applications is dependent on a central authority. The highest-rated fitness trainer on an online platform may not actually be the best but the application shows otherwise in order to generate more sales.

These problems are just the tip of the iceberg and hence call out for a better, more sustainable alternative.

Blockchain in the fitness industry

It can be easily observed that the root cause of the fitness industry’s unsuccessful digitalization is centralization. Therefore, decentralization becomes the need of the hour.

The advent of Blockchain has introduced the possibility of revolutionizing every sector by creating a decentralized ecosystem. Blockchain’s immutable and distributed ledger allows the network to be transparent, unbiased, and credible.

Therefore, a fitness application built on top of a Blockchain platform seems to be the perfect fit for the fitness industry’s current dilemma.

360Wellness is one such decentralized application built specifically for making fitness easy. This application provides the most secured and credible ecosystem and accommodates all the user’s needs in one single place. Whether it is training routine, eating schedule, sleep tracking, emotional health, or even educational material, the application provides a comprehensive service in terms of health and fitness.

This also includes virtual classes by certified trainers around the globe. Using Blockchain to eradicate the possibility of fake reviews, the 360Wellness application provides top-notch fitness sessions to its users.

However, what truly sets 360Wellness apart is a decentralized digital ecosystem powered by an ERC20 token, DEFIT.


DEFIT: The fitness token

360Wellness is creating a token-based economy that revolves around the DEFIT token. This token provides the following functionalities:

  • For the investors, it offers activities such as staking and yield farming.
  • Rather than implementing a subscription model, the application follows a commission-based approach to drive mass adoption. There is a token buy-back option with well-defined tokenomics to manage token supply as well as value.
  • There are referral rewards available according to which each successful friend referral gives 10 tokens. A user can consume a maximum of 10 referrals.
  • The most astonishing incentive is the achievement-based reward that motivates the users to follow a fitness routine and gives them incentives upon completing certain milestones.
  • Promotional rewards are also available that are helping the application move towards mass adoption.
  • To sustain the interest of the users and motivate them to be on track, loyalty rewards are given.
  • There are 5 levels that the user can reach; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • NFTs and bitcoin Airdrops are also provided in the DEFIT ecosystem to selected active users of the application.


DEFIT token brings a unique opportunity to earn rewards while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To improve its users’ fitness, 360Wellness has created an exemplary digital ecosystem and adopted the latest methods to make fitness fun for all.


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