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2021 will forever be remembered as the year NFTs entered the public consciousness, with demand for blockchain-based assets surging across the world. Given this historic moment, we believe the time is right for a dedicated NFT social network built for creators and fans alike.

What is Nafter?

Nafter is the first NFT Social Network and marketplace. With NFT trade volumes soaring and more use-cases emerging, Nafter allows influencers to make the most of this exciting new industry and creatively respond to fan demand.

Through the platform, these influencers can convert memorable photos into digital collectibles that can be acquired by followers.

And the best part? No technical knowledge is required: Nafter automates the whole process, allowing influencers to transform stunning snaps into collectible NFTs at the touch of a button.

A one-of-a-kind platform, Nafter helps to drive engagement among fan bases by enabling well-known figures to create NFTs that capture a moment in time. Followers get to lay their hands on unique tokens that they can cherish for years, sell, or trade.

It really is as simple as:

• Taking a photo on your smartphone
• Minting it as an NFT on Nafter
• Posting it to the Nafter marketplace
• Sharing and selling to fans

Nafter isn’t just for influencers. It’s for photographers, artists, sportspeople, musicians, celebrities, and creators. It’s for anyone with a following that wants to unlock value by commoditizing special moments.

The great thing about Nafter is, fans get to decide which NFTs are valuable and which are not. In this way, influencers will learn to build better connections with their audience and deliver content that hits the spot.

Although there are plans to roll out support for multiple cryptocurrencies, the native $NAFT token is the gem of the platform: using $NAFT means zero transaction fees!

On May 14 Nafter was listed on Pancakeswap.

Nafter Pools is Launching on June 2nd and will be opening staking pools to all swimmers on Wednesday, June 2nd @ 11AM EST (3PM UTC)

There will be 3 Pools to choose from to stake NAFT:

  • Fanboy Pool ~ 100% APY (Minimum stake: 5,000 $NAFT)
  • Influencer Pool ~ 150% APY (Minimum stake: 50,000 $NAFT)
  • Celebrity Pool ~ 200% APY (Minimum stake: 250,000 $NAFT)

The APY % may fluctuate up/down due to more stakers entering in and out of the pool, however, estimated returns mentioned above for staking returns.

Stakers can stake more than the minimum amount. Example: You can stake 56,000 $NAFT in the Influencer pool and earn the proportional APY%.

Nafter Pools will be available for staking until the Nafter web-app MVP version becomes available to the public. Once the web app is launched, Nafter will transition to Creator Pool staking, where users and fans can stake on their favorite creator’s profiles in a “Popularity Contest” fashion, where the more popular the staked creator becomes, the more $NAFT users will receive as an early staker.


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